About Us


Thank you for taking a moment to visit our website here at Pulse Fishing Tackle.

Back in early 2019 we started discussions on how we could use our 20 years experience in the manufacturing and import/export industry to cross over to the fishing scene.

We quickly realised with the vast array of contacts we have accumulated around the world, that we would be able to bring a full, high quality range of carp fishing end tackle to market. Best of all, at a very competitive price. For over a year now we've taken on several carp anglers on a consultancy basis, along with ourselves to vigorously test our products, both at home and abroad.

As a result, we are 100% confident in our range of products. We have secured the use of a 2,000 sq ft warehouse to hold and efficiently distribute our orders securely to our valued customers.

Moving forward, keeping our finger on the Pulse, we aim to expand our range to suit the ever adapting needs of our customers, tight lines and wet nets to all.

Team Pulse

Edward Adkins
Christopher Strong

Lilly Wells
Ross McMillan
Aaron Powell  

Richard Beales  

Ross Gorton  
Pulse Team:


Jay Lane

Luke Brown

Connor Mcloughlin

Shaun Daly

Daniel Hogarth

European Team:


Clément Balleur

Junior Team:


Ashley Snell

Head of On Bank Refreshments:

Paul Beer