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Sink Core (Black)

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Out of all of our product range, this one has taken the longest to source and manufacture due to the criteria we set out for ourselves. A hook link that was stiff enough in the cast not to tangle, supple and heavy enough to follow the lake bed and colours that would blend in with the mass variety it may find itself over.

Have we achieved this? After testing countless materials we finally found one we felt we could work on. Contacting the manufacturer and implementing a few tweaks to the hook link, has resulted in a hook link we are sure to be a real winner. It ticks all the boxes we started with, by tweaking the coating we achieved the stiffness/ suppleness we required, whilst still allowing the coating to be easily stripped back, revealing the braid underneath.

Where we Incorporated heavy weight fibres, increasing it's weight allowing your hook link to hug the lake bed. The colours we decided were most universal to cover the widest range you may possibly come across: dark silt, weedy green and muddy brown.

All three colours come in 20 or 25lb breaking strain, on 20 metre spools, in its own dispensing box - making this semi stiff hook link extremely good value for money.

Recommended knots

  • 5 turn grinner
  • Figure of 8 loop