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Clear Core Flurocarbon

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As we all know now fluorocarbon is nigh-on invisible in water. Which helps when trying to catch out the wisest of carp, as it's so difficult for them to detect. Our Clear Core is a versatile hook link /leader material and can be used in a multitude of ways.

Here's just a few rig ideas

Our 20lb vision is perfect for the D rig with a wafter or balanced hook bait like a snowman /pop up corn on the end.

The 25lb vision is the perfect stiffness for the boom section on the Ronnie rig or if you like tying a combi rig.

Also we like using it in 4 feet lengths as a leader at the end of your main line as fluorocarbon is much heavier than mono.

Each Spool is 25 metres

Available in 20lb with .40mm dia 25lb with .50mm dia